Based on the professional and proven DocuWare functionality, our 3Docuvisions modules complement the user experience in document management in two ways.

With the 3D User Interface Guide, classic archiving and editing processes become visually appealing.
The functionality is crucially enhanced with zooms for easy readability and large thumbnails.

Immerse yourself in a new dimension. Find the right documents even easier and faster and make your selection even more precise.

3D document management system for DocuWare

  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Full screen zoom for thumbnails
  • Fully readable list views
  • 3D engine-directed document retrieval
  • Server and browser-based module implementation
  • Ready for gesture and voice control module

System requirements

  • DocuWare 6.11+ (with adjustments from version 6.7)
  • Hardware requirements identical to DocuWare
  • Best Performance with Mozilla Firefox Quantum Browser Version 58+ (Brave / Chrome / Safari / IE / Opera and many more browsers also work with it)
  • Optimized for HD screens (1920×1080 +)
  • Instant speed and performance with modern graphics cards
  • Minimal adjustments during the installation routine

Intuitive 3D Mouseovers
in Thumb and Cardview!


Full Document size
in List- Card- and Thumbview!


Stunning 3D speed-engine!

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