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All-round service

We are currently working around the clock to introduce and deliver our module to DocuWare partners. We help the DocuWare partners optimally present the module to their customers and provide training and workshops. During the training, it turned out that many corporate customers prefer special solutions and want their own tailor-made adjustments. This ranges from adaptations to earlier DocuWare versions (from 6.7) on specific server constellations and centrally controlled Silent Setup Roll Outs, to individual looks and specific function settings. The wishes are very different. We can make a lot of that possible. We like to come to your company, advise you in detail and work together to find the right solution.

Product individualisations

Adapted to the needs of their customers and employees, we can offer different levels of customization. This concerns the color scheme and if desired also an individual size of the thumbnails and image preview. Also often in demand is a vote on the corporate identity of the customers (for example logos). We also offer toolkit programming (SDK) services for your office environment and even your own communication system. A kind of “messenger” on the DocuWare Log In page. System administrators and DocuWare users can communicate through this interface.

For more detailed information on the questions of individual possibilities and for adjustments with the 3Docuvision software, please contact Thomas Schneider. He can make a plan for you and then translate things for you. You can reach Thomas Schneider at

3D for all views

The changes affect the thumbnail, card, list and textview alike. Everywhere 3D functionality is integrated with larger thumbnails.

Examples:  3Docuvision module bright in the classic DocuWare colors. Modern in bright colors and a version with a dark background inspired by Adobe programs (optimized for comfortable viewing).

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